CV Curriculum vitae


Oona Maria Vastakoski


Personal Details

E-mail: oonavastakoski(at)

Born: April 18th, 1996 in Espoo, Finland

Personal Profile

  • I’m a hard-working, kind and social student and I love new experiences. I  always welcome new challenges and I am not scared of making mistakes because I learn from them. I enjoy riding, working, exercising and spending time with my friends.


2012 – Espoo Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School

  • (The Matriculation Examination Certificate in 2015)

2009-2012 Mankkaa Upper Comprehensive School

2003-2009 Taavinkylä Lower Lever Comprehensive


Language skills

  • Finnish mother tongue
  • Swedish written skills excellent, oral skills excellent
  • English written skills good, oral skills good

Work Experience

Family Louis, Espoo

  • 3.6.-28.6.2013   Babysitting, a one 5-year-old boy, every weekday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We visited many parks and places, I cooked dinner everyday and looked after him to make sure he was safe. I also read many stories to him.

Family Hakkarainen, Espoo

  • 1.8.-12.8.2013  Babysitting, a one 7-year-old girl, every weekday  8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m We visited many places in Helsinki, I cooked dinner everyday and I also taught her how to take care of horses.

Ponikoulu, Siuntio

  • 12.7-26.7.2013 Working as a horse caretaker/riding camp assistant at stable called Ponikoulu. My good friend and I took care of the stable and of the horses. There were over 20 horses to take care of. We also helped with the riding camp, for example we ordered different activities for the children.

Stall Karupslund, Sweden

  • 25.10-24.11.2013 Working as a horse caretaker at the stable called Stall Karupslund, in Sweden. I gained new work experience with horses and speaking Swedish, since it was the language of the customers and employees at the stables.

Einola, Imatra

  • 1.11-11.11.2011 Work Practice Program at the stable in Lappeenranta. I cleaned up places, rode horses and helped kids with their ponies.

Career goal

  • I would like to use my social and language skills in my career. I would like to get a job with many challenges.

Special courses

  • 6.11-7.11.2013 First-aid course in Sweden.
  • 25.10-24.11.2013 Journalist course (I blogged from Sweden, when I worked at the stable).
  • 12.9-12.12.2012 MLL Childcare course, 60 hours.

Computer skills

  • My computer skills are very good. I have had my own blog Oona ja Ponit since the year 2011. My “ponyblog” has over 1200 readers, so my blog is quite popular. My own ponyblog has also own Facebook side, and there I have almost 2000 followers. My friend and I also have shared Youtube channel, and there we have over 3000 followers. So, social media is very familiar to me. I have used Blogger, movie editing softwares, Power Point, Picasa, Photofiltre and many other photo editing softwares. 


  • Riding, dogs, blogging, writing, travelling, photographing and jogging